Date of birth | 10 February 1993
Address | Warsaw, Poland
Phone | 791-375-993
E-mail |

A couple of facts about me

Hello! My name is Alisa Serebrennikova, but on the Internet I’m usually known as Al Muse, and I’m a digital artist and illustrator.

I am a passionate lover of CG, gaming, writing and atmospheric music. At the moment I live in Warsaw, Poland, doing freelancing and searching for a job in the game industry.
I graduated from two educational institutions specializing in painting (Dnepropetrovsk Art College) and graphics (Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies).
I often taking additional courses to improve my qualification and supplement my knowledge of computer technologies and art styles. Please look into my portfolio or instagram if you want to know more about my works!

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What I can do

• Digital painting
• Colour theory
• Composition
• Anatomy
• Environments and props
• Characters and creatures
• Materials
• Retouch and details
• Form and shapes
• Post-processing
• Easily adapt to the
different art styles
• An ability to manage
multiple projects at once
and meet deadlines